Politics and Economics

In the degree course in Politics and Economics, political science – as a closely related neighbouring discipline – has been merged with economics. The primary focus is on economics. In the initial phase of the programme students are familiarised with the fundamental principles and methods of the disciplines concerned. Attention is subsequently centred on the area where the two disciplines overlap. The course presupposes a keen interest in the close links between economics and politics. Participants are encouraged to cut across interdisciplinary boundaries, acquire an in-depth knowledge of various research methods, and consider interrelated facts from different angles. In addition to traditional lectures, there are project courses and cross-disciplinary seminars. The programme has been conceived in such a way that graduates can subsequently specialise in one of the two disciplines and proceed to an MA or a PhD. Those who have successfully completed the course will find employment wherever there is a demand for a sound knowledge of both economics and political science. This is particularly the case with public administrative bodies, national or international associations, and other organisations.

Further information (including the programme regulations and a list of modules) can be found here. If you have any further questions you should contact the  advisors of studies.