Transfer Students and Course Changers

This page is intended for the benefit of two categories of students: (a) students who are already studying at another university and would like to transfer to the University of Münster, (b) students who are studying a non-economic subject at the University of Münster and would like to change their subject. 


Information about applications and admissions can be found  here.
Enquiries about applications should be addressed to the Student Affairs Office.

Admission/Allocation of Places to Students in their Higher Semesters

With the exception of the bachelor’s course in information systems, all the degree courses on offer in the School of Business and Economics are subject to admission restrictions after the first semester. As from the second regular semester, students have unrestricted access to the BA information systems course. However, in order to qualify for enrolment and assignment to a second or higher semester, applicants who have not previously studied information systems must already have earned course-relevant transferable credits. Students can be assigned to higher semesters by the School's  Examinations Office .

When only a limited number of study places in a degree course are available for students in their higher semesters, applicants are assigned to four categories. Top priority is given to persons who have earned transferable credits for the courses in question, and whom the University of Münster has already admitted as first semester students in the course of the main admissions procedure. Next on the priority list come applicants who have taken a placement test. Third on the list come transfer applicants enrolled at German universities and following courses which are identical in every respect to the courses for which places are available in Münster. Applicants who fall into this category are selected by social criteria. Any remaining places are raffled among course changers and external applicants whose needs have not yet been met.

Further information is available on request from the Student Affairs Office.

Credit Transfer

Students who have transferred from another university may, upon application, be awarded credit for prior learning. Further information about credit transfer can be found on the web pages of the School's  Examinations Office . Certain sections of these web pages are devoted to individual courses of study.