Central services


  • Examination office

    The Examination Office is responsible for the examination administration of the School of Business and Economics. You can find all relevant information about the examination administration on the website of the Examination Office.
  • IVV Wirtschaftswissenschaften (IT support/system administration)

    The IVV Wirtschaftswissenschaften is responsible for the IT administration and IT support of the School of Business and Economics. All further information can be found on the website of the IVV.
  • The school's library

    The central contact point for all literature seekers is the school's library.
  • Facility management

    The facility management of the Oeconomicum, Universitätsstraße 14-16, is carried out by our caretakers:

    Matthias Ewelt
    Tel.: +49 176 - 183 000 69

    Andreas Brinkert
    Tel.: +49 176 - 183 000 70

    Reinhard Schipmann
    Tel.: +49 176 - 183 000 71

    The central contact details of the caretakers are:

    Tel.: +49 251 83 - 22 716
    E-Mail: hm-jur@uni-muenster.de