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The program is based on a 24h clock, where 00h00 to 12h00 corresponds to 'am' and 13h00 to 24h00 corresponds to 'pm'.


     Thursday, July 25 (University Castle, Aula)
 16h00  -  17h00    Registration 
 17h00  -   17h30    Opening of Conference and Welcome Addresses
 17h30  -  19h00  

  Kai A. Konrad,
  Max Planck Institute for Tax Law and Public Finance,
  Munich, Germany

  Tax Compliance: The Role of Deception and Deception
  Abilities and Self-Selection

 19h00  -  20h00    Welcome Reception
 20h00  -  24h00  

 Guided Pub Crawl Tour

The tour will take place in small groups. All groups will be guided by locals so that you all get to restaurants and pubs, which you may normally not find. 

Meeting points will be in the University Castle, Foyer, in the reception area.

     Friday, July 26 (Mercure Conference Hotel)
  8h30  -  10h30    Parallel Sessions A1 - A4
 10h30  -  11h00    Coffee Break / Mercure Foyer
 11h00  -  12h30    KEYNOTE ADDRESS 

  James Andreoni
  University of California San Diego, USA

  Expecting the Unexpected

 12h30  -  14h00    Buffet Lunch / Mercure Restaurant
 14h00  -  16h00    Parallel Sessions B1 - B4
 16h00  -  16h30    Coffee Break / Mercure Foyer
 16h30  -  19h00    Parallel Sessions C1 - C4
 20h00  -  24h00  

 Gala Conference Dinner / Zwei-Löwen-Club

The Zwei-Löwen-Club (Two-Lions-Club) is located in about 5 to 10 minutes walking distance from the Mercure Conference Hotel, at “Am Kanonengraben 9”. It is a larger brick building with two large white entrance doors guarded by two lions (set in stone).

     Saturday, July 27 (Mercure Conference Hotel)
  9h00  -  10h30    Parallel Sessions D1 - D4
 10h30  -  11h00    Coffee Break / Mercure Foyer
 11h00  -  12h30  


  Gareth D. Myles,
University of Exeter and Institute for Fiscal Studies, UK

  Targetting Audits Using Predictive Analytics

 12h30  -  14h00    Buffet Lunch / Mercure Restaurant
 14h00  -  16h00    Parallel Sessions E1 - E4
 16h00  -  16h30    Coffee Break / Mercure Foyer
 16h30  -  18h00    MEMORIAL SESSION


 Michael Pickhardt

 20h00  -  24h00  

 The Münster Harbor Tour
 (Meet at Mercure Conference Hotel Entrance)

We will then go in small groups toward the Münster Harbor area, where we will find a number of nice restaurants and pubs, can sit outside along the harbor basin, watch boats passing by on the Dortmund-Ems canal … and discuss new research ideas …

     Sunday, July 28
 11h00  -  13h30  

Guided Münster Walking and Sight Seeing Tour in the Historical City Center
(Meet at Mercure Conference Hotel Entrance, shortly before 10h30)

 13h30  -  15h00   Lunch at Leisure alongside Lake Aa
 15h00  -  17h30    A Short Boat Trip on Lake Aa