Parallel Sessions C

Saturday, July 30, 9h00 – 10h30

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C1 TAX EVASION V – Experimental II (Room: Monasterium I )

Session Chair: Johannes Abeler

Behnud Djawadi / René Fahr / Mark Baukmann / Tim Harrenkamp / Nico Kirwald / Christoph Rolfes / Mathias Rüther (University of Paderborn):
The Impact Of Participation In The Use Of Taxes And Tax Knowledge On Tax Compliance
Discussant: Michele Bernasconi

Michele Bernasconi (Ca' Foscari University of Venice) / Luca Corazzini (University of Padua) / Raffaello Seri (University of Insurbia):
Tax Evasion And The Fiscal Pressure: Lessons From The Behavioral Economics
Discussant: Johannes Abeler

Johannes Abeler (University of Nottingham) / Anke Becker (University of Bonn) / Armin Falk (University of Bonn): 
Preferences For Truth -Telling
Discussant: Behnud Djawadi


C2 TAX EVASION VI – Morale (Room: Monasterium II)

Session Chair: Jan Schnellenbach

Philipp Doerrenberg (IZA Bonn) / Andreas Peichl (IZA Bonn):
Progressive Taxation And Tax Morale
Discussant: Jane Frecknall Hughes

Elaine Doyle (University of Limerick) / Jane Frecknall Hughes (The Open University Buisness School) / Babara Summers (University of Leeds):
An Empirical Analysis Of The Ethical Reosoning Of Tax Practitioners
Discussant: Jan Schnellenbach

Jan Schnellenbach (Ruprecht-Karls-University of Heidelberg) / Ahmed Qubaja (University of Hamburg ):
State Taxes Versus Religious Dues: Survey Evidence On Tax Morale From The West Bank
Discussant: Philipp Doerrenberg



Session Chair: Janusz Bojarski

Antonia Calvo Hornero (UNED, Spain) / Lucia Villavieja Urzainqui (UNED, Spain):
Is The Financial Sector Prepared For Avoiding The Misuse By Money Launders? The Cases Of US and Spain
Discussant: Ioana Deleanu

Joras Ferweda / Ioana Deleanu / Melissa van den Broek / Brigitte Unger (Utrecht University): 
Comparing The Incomparable: The Principal-Agent Problem Of The FATF In Assessing Countries' Performances
Discussant: Janusz Bojarski

Janusz Bojarski (Nicolaus Copernicus University): 
Money Laundering Control In International Dimension - Maybe Think About It Seriously
Discussant: Lucia Villavieja Urzainqui


C4 SHADOW III – Labor II (Room: Galen)

Session Chair: Stanislaw Cichocki

Carmen Camacho / Fabio Mariani / Luca Pensieroso (IRES-UCLouvain):
Illegal Immegration And The Shadow Economy
Discussant: Camille Hémet

Camille Hémet (Sciences Po, Paris):
Ethic Networks And Informal Labor Market
Discussant: Stanislaw Cichocki

Joanna Tyrowicz (University of Warsaw) / Stanislaw Cichocki (National Bank of Poland):
Employed Umemployed? On Shadow Employment In Transition
Discussant: Fabio Mariani