Brigitte Unger

Brigitte Unger is Professor of Public Sector Economics at Utrecht School of Economics, Utrecht University, Utrecht, The Netherlands.

Her most recent research fields include, among others, public sector economics and finance, institutional economics, macroeconomics, economic policy, international monetrary economics, and money laundering. Her current scientific work is about measuring the shadow economy, trade based money laundering, and the risk and rule based approach for reporting unusual transaction. Her work has been published extensively in leading journals including Journal of Economic Issues, European Journal of Political Economy, Review of International Political Economy, and Review of Law and Economics. She has also published numerous book chapters and books including The Scale and Impact of Money Laundering, (with a contribution of E. M. Busuioc), Edward Elgar, Celtenham UK, 2007. Her work has also been noted in articles of leading newspapers such as De Telegraaf and Salzburger Nachrichten.


She was co-editor of the Austrian Economic Journal Kurswechsel and a founding member of the Society of the Advancement of Socio-economics (SASE), Austria.

Her Keynote address is on:

Does Money Laundering Decrease?

Further information is available from her homepage.