The schedule is based on a 24h clock, where 00h00 to 12h00 corresponds to 'am' and 13h00 to 24h00 corresponds to 'pm'.


     Thursday, July 23 (University Castle, Aula)
 17h00  -  18h00    Registration 
 18h00  -   18h15    Opening of Conference and Welcome Addresses
 18h15  -  20h00    KEYNOTE ADDRESS / Friedrich Schneider
 20h00  -  21h00    Welcome Reception
 20h45  -  24h00    Guided Pub Crawl Tour
"Explore Münster in the Shadow of the Night"
     Friday, July 24 (Mercure Conference Hotel)
   9h00  -  10h30    Parallel Sessions A1 - A4
 10h30  -  11h00    Coffee Break / Mercure Foyer
 11h00  -  12h30    KEYNOTE ADDRESS / Axel Dreher
 12h30  -  14h00    Finger Food Lunch / Mercure Restaurant
 14h00  -  15h30    Parallel Sessions B1 - B4
 15h30  -  16h00    Coffee Break / Mercure Foyer
 16h00  -  17h30    KEYNOTE ADDRESS / James R. Alm
 20h00  -  24h00    Gala Conference Dinner / Zwei-Löwen-Klub
     Saturday, July 25 (Mercure Hotel)
   9h00  -  10h30    Parallel Sessions C1 - C4
 10h30  -  11h00    Coffee Break / Mercure Foyer
 11h00  -  12h30    KEYNOTE ADDRESS / John Duffy
 12h30  -  14h00    Buffet Lunch / Mercure Restaurant
 14h00  -  15h30    Parallel Sessions D1 - D4
 15h30  -  16h00    Coffee Break / Mercure Foyer
 16h00  -  17h00    Parallel Sessions E1 - E4
 19h00  -  24h00    The Münster Harbor Tour
 (Meet at Mercure Conference Hotel Entrance)
     Sunday, July 26
 10h30  -  12h30  

 Guided Münster Walking and Sight Seeing Tour,
 Historical City Center
 (Meet at Mercure Conference Hotel Entrance, shortly before 10h30)

 12h30  -  14h00    Lunch at Leisure alongside Lake Aa
 Option 1    
 14h00  -  14h30    Boat Cruise on Lake Aa to Münster Zoo
 14h30  -  16h30    Visit to Münster Zoo
 16h30  -  17h00    Boat Cruise on Lake Aa back to City Center
 Option 2    
 14h00  -  16h00    Visit to Pablo Picasso Museum Münster
Participants may sign in for their preferred option at the registration desk. There is no need for any pre-booking.