John Duffy

John Duffy is Professor of Economics at the University of Pittsburgh, USA and Director of the Pittsburgh Experimental Economics Laboratory (PEEL).

His research concerns, among other topics, how groups of individuals (societies) make economic decisions and forecasts and how they resolve coordination problems. He has addressed such questions using theoretical models, computational methods, and controlled laboratory experiments with paid human subjects. He has published extensively in leading journals including The American Economic Review, Games and Economic Behavior, Journal of Public Economics, Journal of Monetary Economics, Review of Economic Studies, and Review of Economics and Statistics. He has also published several book chapters including the chapter on Agent-Based Models and Human Subject Experiments in the Handbook of Computational Economics, Vol. 2.

He also serves as associate editor for European Economic Review, Experimental Economics and the Journal of Economic Dynamics and Control.


His Keynote address is on:

Social Norms, Information and Trust Among Strangers

Further information is available from his homepage.