Discussion Paper of the Institute for Organisational Economics 12/2021

Qualitative Kosten-Nutzen-Analyse von Corona-Impfungen und Impfpflicht
Alexander Dilger
December 2021



Qualitative Cost-Benefit Analysis of Corrona Vaccinations and Vaccine Mandate

COVID-19 has led to serious illnesses, deaths and drastic countermeasures around the world for two years. Many people in Germany have been vaccinated with very rapidly developed vaccines. In order to further increase the vaccination quota, a previously excluded vaccine mandate is being discussed intensively. A qualitative cost-benefit analysis speaks against such a mandate, since at least subjectively the costs for some unvaccinated people are considerable and, even according to intersubjective criteria, the net benefit of a vaccination is not clearly positive for everyone. The welfare is higher with individual choices, for example after a consultation, through a premium for voluntary vaccination or, conversely, with a monetary payment by unvaccinated people to compensate for the costs to others from the failure to vaccinate.