Discussion Paper of the Institute for Organisational Economics 8/2021

Losen statt Stimmverluste unter Prozent-Hürden und bei Sitzanteilen
Alexander Dilger
August 2021



Drawing Lots Instead of Losing Votes Below Electoral Thresholds and With Fractions of Seats

Percentage hurdles are intended to prevent fragmentation in parliaments and only allow parties of the minimum size of parliamentary groups into parliament. So far, the votes for parties below the hurdle are not taken into account. This inequality of votes and discrimination against small parties could be avoided by drawing lots from the smaller parties below the threshold such that one receives the mandates for the votes of all these small parties. Alternatively, each smaller party could move into parliament with the minimum size of a parliamentary group with a probability that is proportional to its share of the vote, or the voluntary formation of lottery groups could be allowed. Finally, drawing lots can also be used as an alternative to the current electoral procedures, in order to allocate fractions of mandates or to replace a runoff for a position.