Discussion Paper of the Institute for Organisational Economics 8/2012

Effekte von Erhebungsart und -zeitpunkt auf studentische Evaluationsergebnisse
Laura Lütkenhöner
August 2012



Effects of Survey Method and Time on Student Evaluations

There is no unique method for student evaluations of teaching (SET) that also take place at different points of time. In order to analyse the influence these aspects have on the results of SET, 18 economic lectures at the University of Münster were evaluated not only by distributing official paper surveys but also by asking the students to fill out online surveys at several points of time. The empirical study has revealed significant systematic differences especially between SET results evaluated at different points of time. If assessed at the same point of time SET results evaluated by means of online-surveys are mostly highly correlated with SET results evaluated by means of paper surveys despite notable differences in the response rate.