Discussion Paper of the Institute for Organisational Economics 8/2011

Ein Ranking von Hochschulen und (Bundes-)Ländern
am Beispiel der Betriebswirtschaftslehre

Harry Müller/Alexander Dilger
August 2011



A Ranking of Universities and (Federal) States 
at the Example of Business Administation

The analysis and comparison of the academic output of business departments receive a sustained high attention. For universities as producers of services in research and teaching, evaluations and rankings provide more clarity about their own output. Furthermore, they reduce information asymmetries in the markets on which the university interacts with prospective students and users of research. 
The best-known research ranking of business departments has been published by the newspaper Handelsblatt in 2009. Its methodology, however, is problematic in regard of the underlying data base and the methods of aggregation. Referring to this critique our paper outlines a citation based approach with Google Scholar. Its purpose is to reflect the current research output of business departments in Germany, Austria and Switzerland, and we propose three alternative aggregation methods. Furthermore, we identify possible influencing factors. Finally, the data gets aggregated at the level of (federal) states in order to compare the different jurisdictions according to the business research produced within.