Discussion Paper of the Institute for Organisational Economics 6/2015

Leiharbeit im Profifußball
Sind Leihspieler stärker motiviert?

Michael Müller
June 2015



Labour Leasing in Professional Football
Are Temporary Players More Ambitious?

Previous studies on labour leasing have focused primarily on working conditions of temporary workers and on the strategic decision of employing them. This paper tries to gain first insights into the performance of temporary workers. The labour market for professional football players is especially suited for this kind of research due to the observability of the players’ performance. Uncertainty caused by the labour leasing creates incentives for temporary players to increase their performance levels in the periods of their leasing. Empirically, temporary players exhibit higher levels of effort when they are leased, which they cannot reproduce in a following longterm employment. In addition to the performance development, factors influencing the leasing behaviour of the Bundesliga clubs are analysed. It can be shown that specific modifications of the institutional framework influence the leasing decisions.