Discussion Paper of the Institute for Organisational Economics 4/2012

Untersuchung von Indikatoren zur Qualitätsmessung von Reitschulen in Deutschland
Stephanie Kiefer
April 2012



Analysis of Indicators for Measuring Quality of Riding Schools in Germany

To evaluate the service quality before using it is not easy for customers. The aim of this study is to test potential quality indicators and to find possible differences in quality between riding schools. The data set for this study is taken from a German equitation magazine named Cavallo, the homepage of the “Deutsche Reiterliche Vereinigung” and selected homepages of riding schools. One result are significantly positive correlations between the price of the riding lesson and the overall quality and the quality of the school horse, the riding instructor and the riding stable. Another result is that the overall quality of not classical riding schools is significantly higher than from classical riding schools.