Discussion Paper of the Institute for Organisational Economics 2/2010

Leistung, Identifikation oder die Unsicherheit über den Spielausgang – was zählt wirklich? 
Relevante Einflussfaktoren auf die Zuschauerzahlen in der Basketball-Bundesliga 

Hannah Geyer
November 2010



Performance, Identification or Outcome Uncertainty – What Counts?
Relevant Drivers of Attendance in German Basketball 

Media as well as representatives of the German Basketball Federation time and again criticise short playing times for German players in the German Basketball League and hence the re-sulting lack of possibilities for fans and spectators to identify with their players. This paper therefore analyses possible factors of influence on attendance with a special focus on the in-fluence of playing times for German players. The results not only show that performance of the teams as well as outcome uncertainty has a considerably higher effect on audience figures as playing times or number of German players. They also point to the fact that there are partly negative effects of playing time as well as number of German players on audience figures.