Discussion Paper of the Institute for Organisational Economics 1/2020

Ist die Vergütung im Fußball geschlechtergerecht?
Alexander Dilger/Katrin Scharfenkamp
January 2020



Is the Remuneration in Football Gender-equitable?​

There are large differences in the remuneration of female and male professional football players. While the sports media regularly report high earnings for male football players, the remuneration of female football players is quite seldom an issue. Only a few female professional football players even at the highest rank can live from the remuneration for their athletic performance and many depend on additional income and sponsors. However, there are also large performance differences between the sexes in physical terms and in tournaments. In the USA “equal play, equal pay” is claimed for the sportily and financially more successful female national team that nevertheless earns significantly less than the men’s team. Yet gender discrimination cannot be determined in all countries if the performance is taken into account.