Discussion Paper of the Institute for Organisational Economics 1/2014

Are Riding Club Members Willing to Pay or Work for an Overall Quality Improvement?
Stephanie Kiefer
January 2014



This study examines the willingness-to-pay (WTP) and the willingness-to-work (WTW) of German riding club members for an overall quality improvement. Therefore, German riding club members were asked via an online questionnaire. As far as the author knows, this study is the first to include the concept of WTW in the amateur sport context. The results show that on average the participants would be willing to pay €117.39 and would be willing to work 30.39 hours per year if the quality were improved. An extrapolation comes to the result that all German riding club members together would be willing to pay €65,619,848 and would be willing to work 17,593,800 hours. Compared with the current aggregated membership fees and mandatory working hours, the potential surplus is €23,014,936 and 11,448,696 working hours. Moreover, the study can also determine factors that significantly influence the WTP and WTW.