Discussion Paper of the Institute for Organisational Economics 1/2013

Der Einfluss des Forschungsschwerpunkts auf den Zitationserfolg   
Eine empirische Untersuchung anhand der Gesamtpublikationen deutschsprachiger Hochschullehrer für BWL

Harry Müller/Alexander Dilger
January 2013



The Impact of the Research Field on Citation Success  
An Empirical Analysis Based on the Complete Publications of German Speaking Professors of Business Administration 

In German business administration, rankings are noted as methods to measure and compare academic research performance but are also criticised. On the basis of the academic publications of all members of the German Academic Association for Business Research (VHB), a citation based ranking method with Google Scholar is applied. That dataset is used to compare different bibliometric indicators and to identify possible factors of influence. It is confirmed that the research fields of professors have a significant influence on the bibliometric indicators and places in rankings.