Welcome to the Chair of Innovation Economics and Entrepreneurship

We offer various basic and elective courses in the bachelor's, master's and doctoral programs in economics. The thematic focus is on applied industrial economics and economic policy. In research we deal with questions in the field of innovation economics and entrepreneurship research. The methodological focus of our work lies in applied microeconometrics.

Christoph Reese

Master: “Seminar on Innovation Economics”

Winter Term 2024/25

How do new technologies such as artificial intelligence or modern robots affect economies? What role does education play in a "knowledge economy"? How can innovation be promoted? In this seminar, we deal with microeconomic literature on the current challenges of knowledge societies. The topics include the impacts of new technologies on labor markets, incentives for innovation, as well as economic opportunities and problems arising from digitalization. The methodological focus of the seminar is empirical.

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