Current Issues


Offer of Economic Master Seminars in the Winter Semester 2023/24

You can find an overview of the economic seminars offered in the Master of Economics in the winter semester 2023/24 here.



Application for the winter semester 2023/24 possible

The online application for the MSc Economics program for the next winter semester 2023/24 is now possible. Applications for the 1st semester are possible until July 15, 2023. Applications for the higher semester are possible from the beginning of August 2023 until September 15, 2023. Information on the application procedure and the admission requirements for the Master in Economics can be found here. Applications are possible only via the online application portal of the Students Admissions Office of the University of Münster which you can find on this website.

If you apply with your complete application documents by June 09, 2023, you will participate in the first application phase. Then you have the chance to receive an admission notice by the end of June 2023.




New Learnweb course "Studienkoordination VWL Master"

A new semester-independent Learnweb course "Studienkoordination VWL Master" was set up, which will provide all important information such as the current range of seminars for enrolled Economics Master students. Further information, such as on the change of elective modules, etc., is provided in the form of information sheets. You can register for the course on the Learnweb.


[23 January 2018]

Exemplary Study Plans

An overview of exemplary Study Plans can be found here.