Teaching and learning standards

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To maintain and continuously improve its quality standards, the SBE is committed to a consistent quality management. Students are actively involved in this process through continuous communication between the Dean's Office, lecturers and student representatives. At the same time, the students commit themselves to actively, constructively and proactively shape the quality management process.

In the SBE‘s understanding of quality, teaching and learning are closely connected. In addition to quality standards in teaching, the personal involvement and personal responsibility of the students therefore make a significant contribution to the high quality of teaching. Both students and lecturers are committed to regularly and appropriately review compliance with the standards and to seek dialogue case of deviations. If necessary, the standards will be revised or extended.

The members involved in teaching as well as in teaching organisation and all students of the SBE are therefore committed to the following standards.

  • Compliance with scientific standards in teaching

    The SBE aspires to meet its own demand for the highest quality standards in teaching. In this process, teachers pay special attention to a methodically demanding combination of theory, empiricism and research results. The students satisfy the high standards of teaching by actively participating in the courses and contributing with their behaviour to a concentrated learning atmosphere. Furthermore, they prepare and follow up the courses carefully and independently and comply with academic standards in courses and examinations.
  • Teaching and learning opportunities

    Teachers are obliged to provide appropriate accompanying documents that comply with scientific standards timely on the Learnweb. The SBE also promotes the use and dissemination of innovative teaching methods and uses digital offerings. The students prepare themselves appropriately with the help of the documents provided in the Learnweb, including exercises, quizzes etc.
  • Evaluation

    All courses are to be evaluated. Teachers take suggestions by students seriously (e.g. through evaluations) and take them into account when redesigning courses. In addition, evaluation results from previous semesters/the current semester have to be presented and critically reflected at the beginning of each course series and/or at the end of the current course. Students regularly and constructively participate in the course evaluations in order to provide lecturers with informative, constructive and respectful feedback on the attended course.
  • Exam Organisation

    The Examination Office publishes the dates for the examinations one semester in advance. Lecturers do not exceed the deadline of six weeks for the correction of examinations. In case of non-compliance with the deadline, a (valid) reason as well as a note on the publication of the results will be communicated to the students. The SBE arranges exams in an organizational way, which means with regard to room capacity, time, date, appropriate to the course. Students are given the opportunity to correct any deficiencies in the examination. Teachers will provide appropriate feedback on the comments. Students will comply with the rules for reviewing the written exams and will give reasons for any criticism of the correction of the written exam and explain it in an appropriate way.