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Study-related internships play a central part in the process of professional orientation. They offer the opportunity to get to know different areas of activity, career paths, companies and organisations. These “practical excursions” help to substantiate your intended career and find your personal preferences and strengths.

Prior to starting an internship various aspects have to be considered. The CDC will assist with the preparation and planning of your internship – be it by providing the necessary forms (e.g. for applying for leave of absence) or by personal counselling. In the following there is an overview of our services related to internships in Germany or abroad:

Internships in Germany

The CDC will guide you on your way into the practical world by providing individual career counselling and a review of your application documents. You will find further advertisements on the university's online job platform KAP.WWU that addresses students and graduates of the University of Münster School of Business and Economics.

The CDC brochures, which can be downloaded here, provide basic information on application documents and procedures.

Internships abroad

When planning an internship abroad, it is difficult to know where to start. Where can one find available internships? What is different with a German application? The CDC offers you an initial consultation to discuss the options for an internship abroad and the steps that follow.

You can benefit from an internship abroad in numerous ways: in addition to improving language skills and broadening your mind, you strengthen your ability to show initiative – a competence that increases your career outlook. How can an internship be found in your preferred country? What peculiarities need to be observed in this particular country? The CDC assists you on your way abroad with personal counselling and many useful links.

Internship placement services

DAAD placement service

Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ, German Federal Enterprise for International Cooperation)

Student initiative AIESEC

EURES – The European Job Mobility Portal

Internship Abroad Program

Ways of funding

An internship abroad does not only bring a number of advantages, but also means an additional financial burden. Flight, visa and accommodation must be paid for. Often, the remuneration is not high enough to cover all the costs. The German Academic Exchange Service (Deutscher Akademischer Austauschdienst, DAAD) and Career Services of the University of Münster websites provide information on the most important programmes and funding options:

DAAD overview of scholarships and funding programmes

Overview of the central Career Services team of WWU Münster

Here are further useful links containing information on how to plan an internship abroad:

Wege ins Ausland (Ways to go abroad)


Auswärtiges Amt (Foreign Office)

Confirmations of internship

Do you need a confirmation of your internship for a visa, a scholarship or an employer? The CDC will gladly confirm that your internship is on a voluntary basis and is recommended as an essential part of a degree course in Economics. 

Please write to the Dean's Office providing the following information:

  • Name, matriculation number, course of studies, target degree
  • Name, legal form and address of the employer
  • Date and duration of the internship

As there are no mandatory internships scheduled in the degree regulations of the courses of studies of Business Administration, Economics and Information Systems, it is not possible to confirm that an internship is mandatory.

Confirmation for PROMOS/ERASMUS internship grant and DAAD travelling allowance for internships

We are happy to issue further confirmations you might require when applying for a scholarship or grant.

ERASMUS internship

PROMOS internship