University of Münster's dissertation awards

The University of Münster's dissertation awards serve to promote further research by the award winners. They are endowed with 3,500 euros each. The prize money can also be used to finance a colloquium on the award winning research topic to be held in Münster.

Awards are given to the authors of 15 outstanding dissertations. The winners are selected by the Rectorate on the recommendation of the Rectorate Commission for Academic Personnel Development.

The award winners of the last years:

Jahr Name Titel
2019 Dr. Hannes Mohrschladt

Information Processing of Investors in Financial Markets

2018 Dr. Pascal Kerschke Automated and Feature-Based Problem Characterization and Algorithm Selection Through Machine Learning
2017 Dr. Maximilian Holtgrave Interorganizational Collaboration: Empirical Contributions to Supply Chain Research
2016 Dr. Willi Mutschler Local identification of nonlinear and non-Gaussian DSGE models
2015 Dr. Philipp Romeike Spannungsverhältnis von Kontrolle und Vertrauen bei Mitarbeiter-Vorgesetzten-Beziehungen in virtuellen Büros
2014 Dr. Ann-Kristin Knapp Marketing Hedonic Media Products – The Role of Brands and Innovations for Motion Picture Success
2013 Dr. Michael Goedde-Menke The Impact of Economic and Financial Literacy on Individual Decision Making - Knowledge Acquisition and Application in Different Contexts
2012 Dr. Thomas Kick Essays on Bank Rating, Stress Testing and Financial Stability
2011 Dr. Christoph Meinerding Asset Allocation and Asset Pricing in Capital Markets with Financial Contagion
2010 Dr. Markus Cornelißen Behavioral Determinants of Pricing – Empirical Evidence from Consumer and Industrial Markets
2009 Dr. Ann-Marie Nienaber Market launch of product innovations in the medical engineering industry: An empirical examination of the design of the communicational mix
2008 Dr. Robert Ullmann The Influence of Financial Accounting and Tax Rules on the Behavior of Management and Taxpayers
2007 Dr. Claas Müller-Lankenau Multikanalstrategien im stationären Einzelhandel: Eine Untersuchung in der Konsumelektronikbranche