Mission Statement

Our mission

The mission of SBE is to understand, explain and shape economic phenomena. We combine the perspectives of business, economics, and information systems within the stimulating interdisciplinary environment of one of the most renowned universities in Germany. We aim for excellence in research across four core themes: Institutions & Governance, Markets & Innovation, Information & Digitalization, Government & Politics. Our research inspires and substantiates the education of students and researchers pursuing careers in academia or practice. In the spirit of engaged scholarship, we are committed to transfer of knowledge into practice and society at large.

Our values

As integral part of the University of Muenster, a signatory of the Magna Charta Universitatum, and in the merchants’ of Muenster tradition of civic responsibility, we aim to contribute to and to advance the economic, cultural, social, and ecological future of society. We pursue academic values in a culture of mutual respect and collegiality, responsibility to ourselves and others, openness for dialogue, integrity and expertise. We instill these values in our students.