School of Business and Economics celebrates its 50th anniversary

50 years School of Business and Economics celebrates - a brief history

The School of Business and Economics is part of the University of Münster (WWU). In 1969, the School of Business and Economics evolved out of the former School of Law, Business and Economics at the University of Münster. Founded 1902, the latter had itself offered all the courses relating to Law, Business Studies and Economics. During the 1960s, the number of students taking business and economics courses increased substantially. While there were 1,200 such students in 1960, the figure doubled  to over 2,500 by the end of this decade. In 1969, in order to do justice to this development, as well as to the growing importance of business and economics in society, the School of Law, Business and Economics was divided into the School of Business and Economics and the Faculty of Law. Since then, SBE has developed into one of the leading educational establishments for economics in Germany, catering for a total of 5,500 students.

In 2019, the School of Business and Economics will be celebrating 50 years of independent existence. In May 2019 the School will be extending invitations to an official ceremony to mark the occasion. To accompany the celebrations, we will have a wide range of activities on offer for students, staff, professors, graduates and friends of the School. As SBE's worldwide partnerships have and continue to be an important element of its international identity, the School's International Relations Center is organizing the International Partner Days (16th and 17th May) to celebrate the anniversary with its partner institutions.


University of Muenster (WWU)

The University of Münster was founded in 1780 and is the fifth largest university in Germany today. The university is known for the high quality of its education in its approx. 250 courses of study, ranging from applied linguistics to sports. WWU enjoys a respectable position on the international academic scene and constantly strives to improve it. International visibility and reputation are important prerequisites both for an involvement in European and global research programmes and, increasingly, for recruiting excellent researchers from all over the world.

Some 550 official partnership and cooperation agreements connects Münster University with universities and academic institutions worldwide. In addition to the approx. 700 visiting scholars who research and teach, Münster University has more than 3,100 international students. As with visiting scholars, international students are also supported by the university’s International Office.