Submission of Learning Agreement

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SBE incoming students shall use this webform to submit the Learning Agreement (LA) / Online Learning Agreement (OLA)

If you want to submit your LA / OLA before the beginning of the semester, please take note of the following information:

  • The official up-to-date course offerings for the semester will only be available approx. one month before the start of the semester (start of September for a WS; start of March for a SS). Until then, you can safely use the previous semester's course offerings as a basis.
  • After several information meetings in March (for a Summer Semester) /in September for a Winter Semester, all students are required to submit a preliminary version of the SBE Study Plan in April (for the Summer Semester), in October (for the Winter Semester).
  • Learning Agreements can also be submitted before, but are considered preliminary until the final SBE Study Plan has been submitted.


The submission consists of some steps:

Choose the semester of your exchange .
Indicate the first semester if you are staying for more than one semester.
Confirm thatyou have read and understood the information on the incoming website regarding the Study Plan.
Upload your Learning Agreement (LA),
or indicate that you generated an Online Learning Agreement (OLA).
Indicate your study level.
Fill out your personal (contact) information.