>>> The School of Business and Economics has also established several double degree (DD) agreements:
DD w/ Higher School of Economics, RUS (Suspended)
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  • DD w/ ICN Nancy, FRA

    Information will follow soon
  • DD w/ University of Groningen

    The DD w/ the University of Groningen (UG), Faculty of Economics and Business, provides two Master-level study options: Track Marketing & Finance (1) and the Track Marketing & Information Systems (2). Within both tracks, students spend the first stage (semester one and two) at the home university and the second stage (semester three and four) in Münster:

    1. Track Marketing & Finance

    Stage 1: UG



    2. Track Marketing & Information Systems

    Stage 1: UG


    General information and links:

    • Marketing Center Electives
      MCM Marketing_Center_Münster (link)
    • Marketing Center Seminars I and II
      Before the start of the first semester in Münster, please consult Martin Schmidt for more information.
      The application for the Seminars always takes place in the prior semester, i.e.:
         >   Seminars taking place in the winter semester: Application in May
         >   Seminars taking place in the summer semester: Application in December
      Procedure see here (link)