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Below you will find all vital information on our School and your (potential) stay. Study Options range from being a freemover, a degree-seeking student and an exchange student from one of our valued partner institutions. Up-to-date-information for enrolled as well as nominated/admitted students are to be found in the section STUDYING.

  • The Faculty

    The faculty offers our approx. 5 600 students a broad range of subjects for their economics education, including degree courses in the disciplines of business studies, economics, business informatics and interdisciplinary economic research. Depending on the subject-specific focus, each department is structured further into centres. The professorships of these stand for cutting-edge research in their respective specialisation. Click on the section  THE FACULTY  for a detailed overview of the subjects and chairs.
    Our faculty ranks interdisciplinarity and subject-specific exchange highly. There are numerous examples for the close collaboration of our faculty’s academics across the disciplines. This contributes significantly to our students acquiring a general economic perspective during their course of studies.
    Our curriculum, in terms of a practical oriented education, includes the imparting of key skills relevant to economics. In addition, we rely on continuous networking with decision makers in the economy on the levels of both teaching and research. The section "Practice" gives you an impression of the multitude of activities.
    Thanks to interdisciplinarity, internationalisation and subject-specific excellence, our faculty is in a superb position for the future. It is one of the explicit aims of our faculty to pass this expertise on to students both from Germany and abroad.

    Since April 2011, the School of Business and Economics has been accredited as one of only nine German business schools by the Association to Advanced Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB). AACSB is one of the  world's most important accreditations for business schools, which has been awarded to only about 5% of all business schools worldwide. This award shows that our School is dedicated to quality-oriented and international standards. Accreditation is also a voluntary commitment to quality and continuous improvement as well as to a strict and comprehensive review process. For our students, the accreditation means that they can rely on an excellent quality of the study offer, a wide range of cooperation with practice partners and close relationships with renowned foreign universities.

  • Academic Calendar

    For an up-to-date calendar, including holidays, please visit the university's calendar website. Each academic year is divided into two semesters, the so-called winter/fall-semester and the summer/spring-semester. Each semester, in turn, consists of two periods: Term I and Term II. Accordingly, we differentiate between courses taking place during the whole semester (=regular courses), and courses taking place either in Term I or Term II. It is possible to plan your stay accordingly. Specifically, it is possible to only be attendant in Term II of each summer semester or in Term I of each winter semester, and to complete up to 30 ECTS as well:
    - Term I of each winter semester: October - December;
    - Term II of each summer semester: June - July/August.
    To find out if the offered courses are suitable for you, please take a look at "Course Offerings @SBE" below.

    Please find below our current semester dates:




  • Course Offerings

    Information on contents, knowledge requirements as well as time and place of the respective course are to be found in our Course Descriptions, on the Chairs' websites or our university's Online Course Catalogue ("Vorlesungsverzeichnis"). For an explanation of the different course types, please see below. 
    Up-to-date information on course offerings are published in the Section STUDYING. Definite course offerings will only be available approximately two weeks before the start of the semester. However, as we do not expect major changes, the course offerings and descriptions of the current and previous semester are a good basis for preparing the personal study plan.

    (All offered SBE courses with detailed course descriptions)
    Courses of SS19:
    Access to certain Master courses for Bachelor students (either in 3rd Bachelor 4th year of Bachelor-program) and Master students
  • Course Types @ SBE Explained

    Bachelor- and Master-level courses
    The University of Münster School of Business & Economics (SBE) offers Bachelor’s and Master’s degree courses. The Bachelor’s degree courses are concerned with imparting fundamental knowledge in the first two years of study; the third year of study provides options to specialise in the various fields of business, economics and informatics, e.g. in accounting, finance, management, marketing, business cooperations, energy management and many more. Graduate students complete a Master’s degree in one of those areas of specialisation. International exchange students can basically choose from all of the offered courses. Master students may choose from courses of both graduate and undergraduate level. Bachelor students can take all Bachelor courses and also have the possibility to choose from a limited amount of Master courses - depending on their current level of study.

    Lectures and Tutorials
    Lectures are commonly held by a professor and are aimed at laying a profound theoretical foundation. Lectures are accompanied by exercise courses / tutorials / "Übungen". There is NO registration for either Lectures or Tutorials and attendance is NOT compulsory. However, during the semester, a registration for the exam will be necessary in order for you to participate in the exam itself. Schedules containing times and places are kept up-to-date in our digital course catalogue - in German called "Vorlesungsverzeichnis" ("VVZ"):  please click here. Courses are usually held throughout the whole semester (= regular courses). Some courses, however, are only held in either Term I or Term II of the respective semester. Exams for Term I courses will be written in the middle of the semester, whereas Term II exams will take place during the regular exam period.

    Seminars and Business Skills
    Seminars and Business Skills are usually smaller work groups in which you are expected to actively participate. Seminars normally consist of presentations, group work and a written paper. A registration/application is always required. Please note that those courses, due to the limited number of places available, are often booked out even before the semester starts and that some seminars cannot admit exchange students as the places available need to be given to students who will graduate from WWU. You will get all important information on offerings and deadlines before your stay.

    Term I and Term II courses
    Each semester consists of two periods, Term I and Term II, so we differentiate between courses taking place during the whole semester (=regular courses), and courses in either Term I or Term II.

    Language Courses
    The vast majority of language courses is organized by our university's language center (see below). Additionally, SBE offers language courses.  However, those are partly held in German and therefore require a B2 German.

  • Examinations

    Approximately one month before the start of a semester - begin of March for the SS / begin of September for the WS - you will receive an email from SBE's Incoming coordinator Martin Schmidt containing all relevant information on the registration and/ or application processes. Times of all exams are published even before the start of the semester by the examination office (click here) and on the website PAMBOT.

    Lectures and Tutorials
    At our School, you do not register for the attendance at either Lecture or Tutorial, but for the participation in the EXAM itself. Registration for the regular economics and business courses will be after the start of courses, so you do not need to worry about it beforehand.

    Seminars and Business Skills
    The registration/ application deadlines for seminars and business skills differ widely, but will be communicated before via email. For more information, please visit the respective Chair's website.

  • European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System (ECTS)

    Every course @SBE is assigned a certain ECTS credit number that, in turn, is based on the learning outcomes and workload of a course: please see  Course Descriptions (Study Guides). Students shall complete 30 ECTS per semester or 60 ECTS per academic year in order to obtain a Bachelor's degree within 3 academic years or a Master's degree within 2 academic years respectively.

  • German Intensive Language Course

    Language courses do not take place at the School of Business and Economics, but at the university's language center. Before the start of the semester you will get the opportunity to take a German intensive course.
    Registration usually starts two months before the start of each semester. The course itself is normally scheduled 2 weeks before the start of each semester. Besides this German intensive course before the semester, you are able to take other language courses during the semester: Up-to-date information can be found on the  language center's own website.
  • Mentoring Program

    The ISS Team (International Student Service) has been formed among the students of the faculty. Consisting of three students, it specifically deals with the interests and problems of foreign students studying at the University of Münster School of Business & Economics. Every semester, the ISS Team organises a mentoring programme which teams foreign students up with fellow German economics students. These mentors will be happy to help in all matters concerning studying in Münster. One can register for the mentoring programme even before arrival by sending an email to A suitable mentor will then be appointed to you and in this way the first contact made. Important questions can thus be resolved before arrival. In addition, get-to-know events will be held during the semester, ensuring lots of fun for all.

  • Summarized Info: The "Incoming Guide"

    General information on the exchange, our School, the WWU and Münster can be found in our Incoming Guides.

    Incoming Guide for the summer/spring semester in 2019

    Incoming Guide for the winter/fall semester in 2019/20