Professor Anne T. Coughlan
Visiting International Professor (VIP)

Home university: 
Northwestern University, Evanston (USA)
Date of the visit: 
29. October 2019 to 6. November 2019
  • About

    Anne Coughlan holds the Polk Brothers Chair in Retailing and is a Professor of Marketing at the Kellogg School of Management. She joined the faculty in 1985. Dr. Coughlan's main research interests are in the areas of distribution channels, sales force management and compensation, and pricing. Current research projects include optimal management of multi-level marketing distribution channels; sales force diversification and optimal group incentive payments; drivers and management of sales force turnover; measuring compliance, monitoring, and enforcement of MAP policies; and wardrobing and optimal open-box retail sales.  Her work on "Direct Selling Distributors: Why Do They Stay or Leave?" won the best doctoral-student paper award at the 2017 Global Sales Science Institute conference; it is joint research with Prof. Manfred Krafft of University of Muenster and Dr. Julian Allendorf, who obtained his PhD under Prof. Krafft.

    Prof. Anne Coughlan will be present at the Marketing Center Münster in order to work on a joint research project in direct selling with Prof. Manfred Krafft from the Chair of Marketing Management and Michael Gerke, PhD student at the MCM.