Inclusive communication

Inclusive communication

Language is powerful and creates mental images. Communication influences our perception as well as our behavior. Most of the time, we communicate without having to think about it further.

However, there is a relevant segment of the population, and consequently students and staff at our school, who are very aware of non-inclusive communication in many situations. These people feel excluded or even personally offended by the use of certain phrases, expressions or images.

Inclusive communication aims to make the diversity of society visible. In this way, we can make a contribution to ensuring that as many people as possible feel equally heard and perceived.

The Schoolof Business and Economics consistently relies on non-discriminatory use of language in internal as well as external communication and in teaching.

Members of the Equal Opportunity Commission have developed a brochure on 'Inklusive Kommunikation' (in German). Moreover, information on implementing gender-equitable communication can be found here.

The content of this page will be gradually expanded to provide information on the topic to all members of the department and students.