Equal Opportunities Board and recent SBE activities

SBE has set up an Equal Opportunities Board that has developed the following mission statement for itself and its work:

"Our activities are designed to promote diversity at SBE. Our activities support diversity, equal opportunities and equality of all people working, studying, teaching and researching at SBE. We are there for everyone!"

The Equal Opportunities Board is composed of students, academic and non-academic staff and faculty members and meets once every semester to develop measures to further promote equality.

Professors PhDs and administrative staff Students

Prof. Dr. Nicole Branger

Prof. Dr. Bernd Kempa

Prof. Dr. Stefan Klein

Dr. Helena Helfer

Tanja Koch

Niklas Korte

Olga Lunina

Dr. Lea Püchel

Dr. Armin Stein

Clara Gross

Hannah Stölper

Lucy Taraschweski


The following initiatives are currently being planned or implemented at SBE to promote diversity:

  • We are currently working on the implementation of the WiMEET initiative. The dean's office in cooperation with SBE's Equal Opportunities Officer is currently working on the implementation of the WiMEET initiative. The aim of WiMEET is to enable young researchers (Post Docs etc) to get to know each other better and provides a networking platform that supports young researchers on their way to a professorship.
  • We are currently preparing a brochure on the topic of "Appointment Procedure - A Guide to Gender Equality Aspects". This brochure provides members of appointment committees with information on how such procedures should be carried out from a gender equality perspective.
  • For 2021, we are planning a public lecture series on the topic of "Gender Research in Economic Sciences".

If you are interested in these activities or if you have any questions, please contact SBE's Equal Opportunities Officer.