Information Systems

Department of Information Systems

The Department of Information Systems is one of the largest and most renowned information system institutes in Germany. Regular national rankings attest to the department’s excellent reputation. Information systems deals with the design, introduction and evaluation of information systems at company and intercompany levels. As an interdisciplinary, application-oriented subject, it links the research and teaching contents of the economic sciences, particularly of business administration, with those of informatics.

The Department aims at a broad information systems education with international perspectives. This applies to the broad basis of the contents taught as well as to domains ranging from public administration and retail to telecommunications.

Chair of Information Systems and Information Management (Prof. Dr. Becker)
Digital Transformation and Society (Prof. Dr. Berger)
Digital Innovation and the Public Sector (Prof. Dr. Brandt)
Machine Learning and Data Engineering (Prof. Dr. Gieseke)
Computational Social Science and Systems Analysis (apl. Prof. Dr. Grimme)
Chair of Information Systems and Logistics (Prof. Dr. Hellingrath)
Interorganisational Systems Group (Prof. Dr. Klein)
Practical Computer Science (Prof. Dr. Kuchen)
Strategic Information Management (apl. Prof. Dr. Teubner)
Statistics and Optimization (Prof. Dr. Trautmann)
Business Process Management (Prof. Dr. vom Brocke)
Databases and Information Systems Group (Prof. Dr. Vossen)
Junior professorship for IT security (Jun.-Prof. Dr. Hupperich)