Research seminar

The research seminar is held jointly by Johannes Becker, Bernd Kempa, Jörg Lingens, Mark Trede and Bernd Wilfling.

Time: Wednesday, 16.15 - 17.45.

Location: Library, Wilmergasse 6-8,48143 Münster.

Programme winter semester 2019/2020

Date Presenter Title
09.10.2019 Prof. Dr. Alex Ferreira, Universität Sao Paulo, Brasilien "Central Bank Reserves and Currency Volatility"
16.10.2019 Prof. Stefano Carattini, Georgia State University, Atlanta

“Voting and information: evidence from a randomized controlled trial”

23.10.2019 Prof. Frederik Schwerter, University of Cologne "Associative Memory and Expectation Formation"
30.10.2019 Dr. Claudia Herresthal, University of Bonn "Hidden Testing and Selective Disclosure of Evidence“
06.11.219 Prof. Peter Werner, Maastricht University "Social norms and market behavior – Evidence from a large population sample"
13.11.2019   Graduation ceremony
20.11.2019 Dr. Christian Waibel, ETH Zürich "Cost-Sharing or Rebate: What Drives Patients’ Treatment Decisions?“
04.12.2019 Prof. Dr. Joscha Beckmann, University of Greifswald „Foreign exchange market effects of monetary policy announcements”
11.12.2019 Prof. Dr. Rainer Winkelmann, Universität Zürich TBA
18.12.2019 Maarten van Oordt, Bank of Canada Entrepreneurial incentives and the Role of Initial Coin Offerings
08.01.2020 Michaela Slotwinski, Ph.D., University of Basel "Gender Norms and Income Misreporting within Households"

Prof. Tino Berger, University of Göttingen

Financial Shocks and the Business Cycle
22.01.2020   Graduation ceremony
29.01.2020 Jun.-Prof. Andreas Lichter, Heinrich Heine University Düsseldorf TBA