Extending and Applying Theory in Strategic Management

Sommersemester 2019


12.04.2019  08:15 – 09:45  Extending and Applying Theory in Strategic Management

28.06.2019  10:15 – 13:45   Presentations

12.07.2019  10:15 – 13:45   Presentations


J490 (Juridicum)



ECTS points

The slides are available on learnweb.

Main topics

The exercise „Extending and Applying Theory in Strategic Management“ provides students with insights into the behavioral theory of the firm as a micro-perspective on strategic action for the market- and resource-based view. The exercise comprises a presentation and discussion of several peer-reviewed articles published in international top journals that deal with research questions related to these views. Subsequently, the students are encouraged to apply the gained theoretical and methodological knowledge by analyzing and presenting a peer-reviewed journal article themselves in groups.

Learning outcomes

Furthermore, the students gain theoretical and methodological knowledge, which enables them to understand, to critically reflect, and to present international peer-reviewed journal articles. Moreover, they will be able to develop their own research design, and solve and present complex tasks within a team.


30 minutes powerpoint slides and presentation (40 %)

Contact person Alexandra van der Berg
Students who would like to attend have to fill out an online-application until 2019-04-15.

Besides this application an additional registration at the Examination Office is mandatory. Please consider the deadlines announced on the homepage of the Examination Office.