Publikationen Thomas Schäper

Schäper, T., Foege, J.N., & Jung, C. (2019). Orchestrating R&D Collaborations: How Dynamic Capabilities shape the Effectiveness of Innovation. 2019 Open and User Innovation Society Meeting, Utrecht (Netherlands).

Schäper, T., & Foege, J.N. (2019). Advanced Digital Technologies in User Innovation: Assessing the Effectiveness of Toolkits for Innovation in New Product Development. 2019 Academy of Management Annual Meeting, Boston (USA).

Schäper, T., & Foege, J.N. (2018). The Value of User Toolkits for Innovation: Examining the Benefits of Toolkits for different User Groups. 5th World Open Innovation Conference 2018, San Francisco (USA).

  • Nominated for Best Conference Paper Award
  • Shortlisted for Publication in the California Management Review Journal