Information from the Examinations Office on current regulations during the Corona Pandemic

(Updated: 20.01.2022)

Below you will find the separate regulations for the duration of the pandemic. These may change due to the current infection situation. Please check the page regularly.

Special regulations under examination law::

  • Free attempt and withdrawal options

    The free attempt regulations apply to all examinations in the winter semester 21/22, regardless of the type of examination. Exceptions are final papers and detected attempts at cheating.

    Examinations that have not been passed are deemed not to have been taken. Non-attendance at examinations remains harmless and is also considered as not having been taken.

    The newly issued regulation is valid until 01.04.2022. Please assume that no free attempts will apply in the summer semester 2022 for the time being, as no extension for the summer semester 2022 is currently foreseeable.


  • Admission to examinations assigned to the third year of study or to specialisation modules

    Under the following conditions, you can take third-year examinations in the winter semester 2021/2022 without reservation, even if you have not yet completed the first year of study:

    •     Only one examination from the first year of study is still outstanding
    •     You have taken and failed the examination attempt in the summer semester 2021 (non-attendance does not entitle you to make use of this regulation).

    If you meet these requirements, please submit an informal application in good time before the end of the respective registration period using the usual channels.

    If you do not meet the requirements, you have the option of registering for the examinations under reserve in accordance with the notice.

    The application must be signed by your own hand and contain your name, matriculation number, degree programme and the name of the outstanding examination. In the application text, please declare your intention to make use of the special regulation.  

    The unconditional admission to the third year of study expires at the end of the winter semester 21/22. We therefore strongly advise you to successfully complete the missing examination in the winter semester 21/22.

  • Final theses


    Until further notice, theses can be submitted to the examiners as a PDF file via email from your EMU email address. Please make sure that your email reaches the examiners by the deadline. Failure to meet the deadline will result in failure of the thesis. Please submit the printed and bound copies provided for in the examination regulations as soon as possible. The PDF file must contain the signed affidavit as well as the signed consent of the plagiarism check.

    Topic pick-up (BWL, VWL, WI):

    Topics can only be submitted digitally. Your topic provider / examiner will confirm the topic assignment with the submission date accordingly.

  • Semester boundaries

    The summer semester 2021 ends on30.09.2021. The winter semester 21/22 begins on 01.010.2021.
  • Standard period of study

    In the winter semester 21/22, the standard period of study for registered students will also be extended by one semester.  Extensions have already been decided for the past 3 semesters (summer semester 20, winter semester 20/21 and summer semester 21 are considered so-called zero semesters and are added to the individual standard period of study).
  • Examination dates

    Examinations can take place in both presence and online formats. The examiners are required to inform the students about changes in good time. The dates will be kept as far as possible as published.

  • Quarantine

    An official quarantine order from a health authority is equivalent to an inability to take the examination. This quarantine (e-mail or order of the competent health authority) must be sent to us in good time, including the corresponding application for withdrawal from the examination or extension of the processing time for the thesis.

    Processing times for theses are extended by the time you can take off at the earliest (usually 12 days). Should the quarantine last longer, you must notify us of this and provide credible evidence.

    This regulation applies retroactively to 01.10.2021. Quarantine periods can also be claimed pro rata from 01.10.2021.

    Theses that have already been submitted can no longer be extended.

Special organisational regulations:

  • Preparations for the examinations and implementing regulations

    Admission to the examination room is only possible with an existing registration for the examination.

    If you have not received an e-mail with the necessary information, please register immediately by e-mail to

    Examinations in presence

    Information on examinations in online format is provided by the relevant chairs.

    Examinations in online format

  • Submit applications and other documents

    You can submit all applications including the necessary supporting documents by e-mail from your WWU e-mail address or by post. Please note the following instructions for submitting by e-mail:

    • only from your WWU e-mail address if you are already enrolled,
    • the original supporting documents (certificates, transcript of records, internship certificates, etc.) can be submitted as scans,
    • the original documents can be requested in case of doubt, please do not dispose of them.
    • please only use our central post boxes and check the confirmation of receipt.

    Please always state your name, matriculation number and degree programme.

  • Final documents

    Preparation of the final documents

    Due to the current situation and the associated circumstances (e.g. home office of many WWU employees), the preparation of the final documents may be delayed.  We will be happy to issue you with a certificate of completion.

    Issue of graduation documents

    You can only pick up your graduation documents in person if you have a valid reason and a personal appointment. We will be happy to send you your graduation documents by post. If you have not requested the documents to be sent to you, you can request that they be sent to you subsequently by e-mail. Please indicate your preferred address.  Please make sure that you use your university e-mail address. If you are no longer enrolled, please send a copy of a valid photo ID (identity card, passport) with your e-mail request.

    Please include your name, matriculation number, degree programme and a current postal address.

  • Transcript of Records

    The personal pick-up of Transcript of Records is currently only possible with a valid reason and a personal appointment. We will be happy to send you the Transcript of Records by post or as a scan by e-mail.

  • Further information from central offices of the WWU


Thank you for your understanding

Status 13.03.2020

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