Internal research seminar - winter semester 2019/2020

The research seminar is held jointly by Dr. A. Beccarini, Dr. M. Segnon, Prof. M. Trede, Prof. B. Wilfling and Dr. J. Lingens.

Time: Wednesday, 16.15 - 18.45.

Location: CAWM3, Am Stadtgraben 9, 48143 Münster.

The internal research seminar (IRS) for economics, finance and econometrics aims to disseminate research competences within the circle of members of our faculty (professors and post-docs). The IRS's basic principle is that the presentation of a research project and the associated exchange of ideas (on the objectives, method and results of this research) will increase the chances of academic publication. In order to achieve this, members of the faculty should introduce their research work to each other. The IRS offers (each of the above-mentioned faculty members) the opportunity to present drafts of research projects, working papers or published research to other members of the faculty so that current research projects can be improved or joint future projects be created. 

If you are interested in giving a presentation (from the fields of economics, finance, business statistics or econometrics) or if you have any further questions, please contact AR Dr. Andrea Beccarini (


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13.11.2019   Graduation ceremony
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22.01.2020   Graduation ceremony
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