Business & Intercultural Communication im WS 2019/2020

Lecturer Hugo van Bremen
Registration Registration for an essay topic was possible from Decemer 13th, 2019 (11am) to December 20th, 2019 (11am).
Course Number 048339
Type of lecture

Weekly lecture

At the end a seminar paper (report) has to be written to pass the course.


The lecture is held every Thursday (beginning October 10, 2019 until January 30, 2020) from 2 p.m. until 4 p.m in room J 2.

Guest Lectures:

  • 07/11/2019: Noventum
  • 14/11/2019: Armacell
We strongly recommend to attend these guest lectures since the speakers will also elaborate on subjects that are highly relevant for a variety of the seminar papers.
Contact Person Fabian Schmal, M.Sc.

Course materials and further information can be found in the Learnweb.

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Bitte denken Sie daran, sich rechtzeitig während der vorgezogenen Anmeldephase beim Prüfungsamt für diese Prüfung anzumelden. 

Im Laufe des Semesters ist eine Anmeldung für ein Thema für die zu erstellende Seminararbeit möglich. Details und Termine dazu finden Sie im Learnweb.


There is no limitation for this course and you do not need to register for this course with the institute!

Please be aware that you need to register for the examination at the examination office during the early registration period.

This registration is mandatory in order to be allowed to write the seminar paper. There will be another registration for a seminar's topic at a later date. Details can be found in the learnweb.


Structure and content


  • Extension of personal and social competences
  • Contact with international students
  • Development of linguistic skills
  • Learning intercultural skills

Topics covered

  • Introduction to International Business: Multinational Companies, International Trade and Investment
  • Doing Business in the US and Germany
  • Intercultural Problems of International Business
  • Diversity Management
  • Presentations by company representatives

Guest lectures

As part of the lecture, two guest lectures of senior representatives of internationally renowned companies will be held. The exact dates and contents will be announced.


  • Good English skills


  • Seminar paper ("Report") in English (no exam) of 4 pages.
  • We will distribute topics related to the lecture's content on which a report has to be written.
  • Details regarding registration for the report's topic: see Learnweb.