Writing a Thesis


Thank you for your interest in writing your Bachelor or Master thesis at the Institute of Regional and Housing Economics.  Please note the following.

  • Please refer to the Examination Office for regulations and deadlines related to a Bachelor or Master thesis.
  • We recommend attending a seminar at our Institute prior to writing your thesis.
  • In case you would like to write your thesis on an empirical subject you should ideally have completed the econometrics sequence (Econometrics I and II) offered at the Institute for Econometrics and Economic Statistics.
  • The topics listed below are not exclusive. You are encouraged to make your own suggestions.


How to apply

When interested in one of our topic offers or in an own suggestion:

  1. Please contact Andrea Siebert-Meyerhoff at least 2 month before you would like to start writing your thesis.
  2. Binding registration at the examination office
  3. Discuss the further proceeding with the respective assistant


Subject Areas

Regional and Housing Economics

  • Local Labor Markets
  • Quantification of policy impacts at the regional level
  • Regional growth theories
  • Spatial Econometrics
  • Urban Economics
  • Local and regional real estate demand and hedonic models
  • Optimal real estate taxation

Labor Economics and Inequality

  • Labor Supply, wage determinants and mobility
  • Theory and empirics of unemployment
  • Income and wealth distribution
  • Inequality measurement

Miscellaneous Topics

  • Public Finance
  • Applied Microeconomics, in particular, development economics, information economics and industrial organization
  • Institutional Economics
  • Determinants of the real interest rate in the long run