Corporate Sponsors

Our group of corporate sponsors, the Gesellschaft zur Förderung der Forschung auf dem Gebiet des Siedlungs- und Wohnungswesens e. V., Münster (Registered Association for the promotion of Research in the field of Regional and Housing Economics, Muenster) is a non-profit association that supports research activities of the Institute in housing and regional economics, urban development,and regional planning. Today the association comprises 150 members (real estate enterprises and associations, financial institutions, ministries and other public authorities, and former members of the Institute). The association stimulates a mutually beneficial dialogue between the institute and our non-academic partners. You are kindly invited to join as a member.


How to become a member to our group of corporate sponsors?

Please contact us by email or phone if you would like to receive further information about the goals and activities of our group of corporate sponsors as well as the benefits from a membership.

After you have filled in the application form, the board of directors of the association will decide about your admission.


Becoming a member of our group of corporate sponsors includes the following benefits.


With the membership, you have the opportunity to

  • contribute both to the development of scientific methods to solve practical problems in housing economics as well as to the improvement of knowledge transfer;
  • to attend the annual Muenster Forum in Housing Economics at the preferential price for members;
  • to purchase all publications of the Institute at a 50% discount;
  • to attend discussion groups exclusively arranged for our members that focus on current issues in housing economics and policy;
  • to use the Institute’s extensive library;
  • to receive information on all aspects of housing economics and policy as well as to benefit from our extensive network of experts.


Contact Details

Akad. Dir. Dr. Winfried Michels (managing director)

Institut für Siedlungs- und Wohnungswesen

Am Stadtgraben 9

48143 Münster

phone: +49 (0)251 83-22982
fax: +49 (0)251 83-22970