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Prof. Dr. Nadja Guenster

Professur für BWL, insb. International Financial Management

Tel.: +49 251 83-21886
Fax: +49 251 83-21887
E-Mail: Nadja.Guenster@wiwi.uni-muenster.de
Raum: 176

Zur Person: Nadja Guenster is Professor of International Financial Management at the Muenster School of Business and Economics, University of Muenster, Germany, and a visiting faculty fellow at the Haas School of Business, University of California, Berkeley. At Haas, Nadja is faculty advisor of the Haas Socially Responsible Investment Fund and faculty co-chair of the Moskowitz Prize Committee. Nadja’s research focuses on the intersection of corporate social responsibility and finance, and asset price bubbles. Her papers have been published in journals such as the Financial Analysts Journal, Journal of Asset Management, and European Financial Management. She received the 2005 Moskowitz Prize for the best quantitative study in the SRI domain, 2005 European Finance and Sustainability Research Award, the 2011 Crowell Prize by Panagora Asset Management, and the 2011 European Financial Management Top Download Best Paper Award. Nadja obtained her PhD from RSM Erasmus University in 2009.

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Working Papers

  • Brodback, D., Guenster, N., Mezger, D. (2017): Altruism versus Egoism in Investment Decisions
    Awarded: Best PhD student paper award CRR Conference 2017, Sevilla, Spain
    , Working Paper. (Available at SSRN) (Abstract)

  • Koegst, J., Guenster, N. (2017): Empirical Evidence on Environmental Performance and Operating Costs*, Working Paper, 2017. (Abstract)

  • Borgers, A., Derwall, J., Guenster, N., Rodrigues, P. (2016): Values and investments: Evidence from institutional trading responses to news components, Working Paper.

  • Chalabi, J.; Guenster, N.; Kleimeier, S. (2016): Do Banks Really Care? Social Norms in Bank Lending,
    Awarded: Best Conference Paper Prize, 2016 Latsis Symposium, 3rd Geneva Summit on Sustainable Finance
    , Working Paper. (Neuer Link) (Abstract)

  • Guenster, N., Koegst, J. (2015): Corporate Value and environmental responsibility, Working Paper.

  • Kole, E., Jacobsen, B., Guenster, N. (2010): Riding Bubbles, Working Paper, ERIM Report Series Reference No. ERS-2009-058-F&A. (Neuer Link) (Abstract)

  • Kole, E., Guenster, N. (2009): Bubbles and Long-term Investor, Working Paper.

Refereed Publications

  • Siqueira, A. C. O., Guenster, N., Vanacker, T., Crucke, S. (2018): A longitudinal comparison of capital structure between young for-profit social and commercial enterprises, Journal of Business Venturing, forthcoming. (Neuer Link) (Abstract)

  • Siqueira, A. C., Sacramento, I., Guenster, N., Bethem, J. (2017): Pedagogical methods for sustainable development: business educational projects generating direct impact on stakeholders through fundraising and fund management, International Journal of Innovation and Sustainable Development, Vol.11, No.4, 2017. (Abstract)

  • Derwall, J., Bauer, R., Koedijk, K., Günster, N. (2011): The Economic Value of Corporate Eco-Efficiency, European Financial Management, Vol. 17, Issue 4, 679-704. (Abstract)

  • Derwall, J., Bauer, R., Koedijk, K., Guenster, N. (2005): The Eco-Efficiency Premium Puzzle, Financial Analysts Journal, Vol. 61, Issue 2, 51-63. (Abstract)

  • Bauer R., Otten R., Guenster, N. (2004): Empirical Evidence on Corporate Governance in Europe: The Effect on Stock Returns, Firm Value and Operating Performance, Journal of Asset Management, Vol. 5, Issue 2, 91-104 . (Neuer Link) (Abstract)


  • Guenster, N. Herausgeber: Baker H.K., Nofsinger, J.R. (2012): The Performance Implications of SR Investing: Past versus Future. (Abstract)

Other Publications

  • Guenster, N. (2009): Investment Strategy based on Social Responsibility and Bubbles, Erasmus University Rotterdam , Erasmus Research Institute of Management (ERIM). (Neuer Link) (Abstract)

  • Bauer, R., Guenster, N. (2003): Goed bestuur loont voor beleggers, Economisch-statistische berichten, 202-204.

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