Doctoral Studies

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Research assistants and external doctoral candidates can obtain the degree of Doctor of Economics (Dr rer. pol.) from the School of Business and Economics. Suitably qualified economics graduates are admitted to doctoral studies upon application to a professor of the school.

The success of the school’s doctoral programme is reflected, among other things, in the fact that one-time doctoral students of the school now hold professorships at other universities or senior positions in companies which operate both nationally and internationally at home and abroad.

Potential candidates are advised to apply directly to institutes or professors whose research interests coincide with their own. Information is available on request for persons in search of vacancies for research assistants or seeking admission as external doctoral students.

In order to be admitted to a doctoral programme, an applicant must normally furnish proof that his/her research work will be supervised by an authorised professor. The application for admission as a doctoral candidate should be submitted as soon as the supervisor has given his/her consent. The other requirements are specified in § 3 of the doctoral degree regulations.

Once a year the Dr Andreas Dombret Doctoral Thesis Prize is awarded by the school for an outstanding doctoral thesis showing how theoretical knowledge can be applied to economic policy-making or the practicalities of the business world.

A decision has to be taken by the doctoral committee when applicants for admission to the doctoral programme hold foreign degrees or degrees in subjects other than economics. It should be noted that in normal circumstances the doctoral committee only meets once a semester.