Frequently Asked Questions




How does the nomination and application process work?


When does the orientation week / lectures start?


The University's International Office will provide you with all necessary information in due time before the semester start once the application process is completed:



How do I set up my Learning Agreement and where do I find information on the courses?

Due to the fact that our university is quite large, there are different ways to find information on the course offerings. Please make use of these three main sources of information:

  1. Course Descriptions + Excel Sheet
    Check here: Content of courses, amount of ECTS/ Credit Points
    Please note: The Excel Sheet and Course Descriptions are supposed to contain identical information. If you find any discrepancies, please reach out to us.


  1. Online Course Catalogue
    Check here: Dates and Places, when and where lectures/ tutorials/ seminars take place
    Don´t check here: ECTS/ Credit Points


  1. Chairs' Websites
    Check here: registration deadlines (seminars), contact data


Which courses can I choose from?

In general, Bachelor students can take all Bachelor courses and also have the possibility to choose from a limited amount of Master courses - depending on their current level of study. If you go to "MASTER-course Availability For BACHELOR-level students” you will find further information on the access restrictions.


How do I hand in my Learning Agreement?

At SBE, we have a special procedure for handing in Learning Agreements. We ask all students to submit a personal Excel sheet along with the Learning Agreement document in order to make sure that every student is aware of possible application requirements, access restraints, timetable conflicts etc.

Thus, we kindly ask you to also send us your personal download of the Excel table, in which you insert an X (column A) for every course that you attend.  After sending your filled Excel table, we will sign your Learning Agreement and send it back to you.


Do I have to register for Lectures and Tutorials?

In Münster there is no required registration for either Lectures or Tutorials and attendance is not compulsory. Only later, during the semester, a registration for the exam will be necessary in order to participate in the exam.

Please notice: Seminars require a prior individual application.




Administrative and technical issues

How can I integrate my WWU e-mail to my standard mailbox?


How do I set up Eurodam?


Where can I find the canteens?


How does the mensa card work?

The student ID cards of WWU combine several functions. They are a student card as well as a library card and can be used to pay at copiers and in the canteens. To load the card with money, simply use one of the machines located in the canteens.


Where is the IRC office located (Martin Schmidt)?



Where is the international office located?



Where can I find the libraries?


How do I access the library?


How can I reserve group rooms in the library?



When and where do my exams take place?


What happens if I fail a course?



When will I receive the results of my exam?

Approx. 6 weeks after taking the exam


Is it possible to extend my studies at the WWU?

All exchange is organized via partnership agreements between two universities, in which a number of spots are agreed upon, which is the maximum number of students that are being sent by each partner within an academic year. In the case that you would like to extend your studies for another semester, your university needs to officially nominate you for one additional spot.


How do I generate my Transcript of Records (ToR)?

Students of business administration or economics can download/ generate a valid Transcript of Records (ToR) on their own on FLEXNOW. This ToR will be valid without a signature due to a validation link and a password. This password can also be used by your home university to verify your grades. Please find more information here:

 You simply need to log in with your login data on FLEXNOW ( ), then go to "Data Sheet" and then "create" to generate your ToR.


Who do I contact when and how?


Questions about Orientation Week:                            

Questions about Buddy Programme:                          

Questions about Registration Process:                      

Questions about Log In Data for Learnweb etc.:      

Get your Certificate of Arrival signed:                         

Get your Learning Agreement signed:                         

Questions about the Transcript of Records:              

Questions about your studies at our faculty:            

Deregister:                                                                                   not necessary