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Students from the ERASMUS+ program usually do not require a visa (except: Turkey e.g.). There is a visa requirement for students from all other countries, which means that it is recommended to apply for a study visa in good time. A letter of admission is required to do so, which is issued and sent to your home university by WWU’s International Office. Please contact the German embassy of your home country to apply for the visa. Click here for an overview of the diplomatic representations of Germany.
You need to register at the Citizens Office of the town of Münster and, as the case may be, also at the Foreigners’ Registration Office.


Enrolment/ Matriculation

The letter of admission also states the date of your matriculation, that is, your enrollment. You will also find in it a list of the documents that you need to bring to this appointment. With the enrollment, you become a member of the student body of Münster University and will receive your student card and the semester ticket. Please contact the Registrar´s Office should you have any questions about matriculating or re-matriculating (if you stay longer than one semester). Münster University does not charge any study fees, but a semester fee (amounting to approx. 230 euros) must be paid to cover both administrative costs and your semester ticket.
Please make sure to also read the International Office’s information on applying and enrolling at WWU Münster.

Semester Contribution Fee

All information regarding the Semester Contribution Fee:



As soon as you receive the admission to your semester abroad from the International Office, the question of lodging should also be attended to. The “Student Support Services” offers numerous possibilities if you wish to live together with many students in a hall of residence. Places are limited, however, so that an early application is recommended. As an alternative, the “Internationale Studentenwohnheime e.V.” also offers accommodations. One may also move into one of the many flats shared by other students. Further information on the issue of accommodation and the respective links to different portals can be found at the pages of the International Office.


Practical experience and finances

An internship or student’s job might be of interest to you in order to put your theoretical knowledge directly into practice. The Career Development Center will be happy to help when applying for jobs. Please also take a look at the extensive semester programme, which offers insights into diverse key qualifications.
A scholarship might also be a possibility in getting financial support for a stay at our university. The German Academic Exchange Service DAAD is a good organisation for international students to contact. The International Office and "Die Brücke”, an international centre, will both be happy to provide information on scholarships and other ways of funding.