Professor Dr. Rosanna Garcia

North Carolina State University
Datum/Zeitraum des Besuches: 
18. April 2017 bis 5. Mai 2017

Prof. Dr. Rosanna Garcia is Associate Professor of Marketing at North Carolina where she is a Chancellor's Faculty of Excellence in Innovation+Design and Faculty Director of the Business Sustainability Collaborative. Her role within the Innovation+Design Cluster is to develop curriculum and student‐focused programs that help develop and launch technologies germinating from student ideas and faculty research, especially those around environmental sustainability. As an expert in the diffusion of innovations, Dr. Garcia’s research has focused on how to introduce ‘resistant’ innovations to a reluctant marketplace. Her recent research and teaching centers on sustainable innovations and the role of trust in collaborative consumption communities. Dr. Garcia’s teaching focuses on entrepreneurial marketing and new product launch. She is author of the textbook Creating and Marketing New Products & Services. She is also the co‐founder and CEO of Vijilent, a data analytics company that serves the legal industry. She holds three U.S. patents for new products.

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