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China-Pilotprojekte - Verbundprojekt: Integrierte empirische Analyse von Klimaschutzmaßnahmen und lokaler Luftverschmutzung - Teilprojekt 1: Berücksichtigung von Unternehmensstrukturen und Konsumentenverhalten

Project status definitely finished
Project time 01.12.2019- 30.11.2022
Funding source Federal Ministry of Education and Research
Project number 01LP1928A
Keywords China; Klimaschutz; Luftverschmutzung; Unternehmensstrukturen; Konsumentenverhalten

Joint project: The relevance of non-state actors for individual climate protection activitites and climate policy

The project uses field experimental approaches to investigate the relationships between various non-state and individual actors. These are characterised above all by the fact that individual behaviour in real decision-making situations is analysed. In this way, the results of the laboratory experimental studies can be complemented and information about the behaviour of individuals in natural situations can be provided.

Project status definitely finished
Project time 01.11.2018- 31.10.2021
Funding source Federal Ministry of Education and Research
Project number 01LA1813E
Keywords Klimaschutz; Klimapolitik; Umwelt; Nachhaltigkeit

VISE: Virtual Institute Smart Energy: Development of Digital Business Models Based on the Energy Demand Behavior of Households

Energy providers and energy service providers only have little information regarding the determinants of their customers energy demand behaviour, especially regarding private households. A detailed analysis of expectations and requirements of private energy demand is an important prerequisite for a successfull adoption of new technology and basis for the development of new business models. The project's goal is the analysis private households intention to invest and intention to use and consequently the development of new business models addressing private households.

Project status definitely finished
Project time 01.07.2017- 31.03.2021
Funding source EC - European Regional Development Fund
Project number EFRE-0800037
Keywords Energy provider; Energy service provider; Energy demand; business models

Strategic Scenario Analysis (START) - A first German-Australian focus project

In enger Kooperation mit australischen Partnern analysieren sechs deutsche Forschungseinrichtungen die Transformation hin zu emissionsfreinen Energiesystemen in Deutschland und Australien, insbesondere die gemeinsamen Herausforderungen und jeweiligen technologischen und politischen Lösungsoptionen

Project status definitely finished
Project time 01.10.2017- 31.12.2020
Funding source Federal Ministry of Education and Research
Project number 03EK3046C
Keywords Energiepolitik; Klimaforschung; Energiesysteme

Kopernikus-Projekte für die Energiewende - Themenfeld 4: Systemintegration - Verbundvorhaben ENavi: Energiewende-Navigationssystem zur Erfassung, Analyse und Simulation der systemischen Vernetzungen

Project status definitely finished
Project time 01.10.2016- 30.12.2019
Funding source Federal Ministry of Education and Research
Project number 03SFK4FO; 03SFK4U1; 03SFK4L1
Keywords Energienachfrage; Energiewende; Energieversorgung

Psychological, social and financial barriers to energy efficiency

The project aims at improving our understanding on behavioral mechanisms in energy efficiency, following an interdisciplinary and broad behavioral science approach. The project will provide an empirical and numerical assessment of the psychological, social, economic and financial factors that influence energy efficiency in the residential and industry sectors by paring with energy utilities and retailers in different European countries, the project will conduct scientific experiments (A/B testing) which will enhance the design of policies aiming at maximizing energy efficient behaviors. The project will analyze consumers’ behavior related to the consumption of energy, the investment in energy efficient products, as well as the renovation of buildings. Finally, ex ante assessment will be executed using improved energy economy models, which will generate quantitative information with regard to expected impacts of EU and global policies.

Project status definitely finished
Project time 01.09.2016- 31.08.2019
Funding source EC H2020 - Research and innovation actions
Project number 723791
Keywords Energy Efficiency; Behavioural Sciences; A/B Testing; Impact Assessment

Vorstudie "Virtuelles Institut Smart Energy" zur Digitalisierung der Energiewirtschaft der Forschungsgruppe Smart Energy.NRW

Auf Initiative des Ministeriums für Wirtschaft, Energie, Industrie, Mittelstand und Handwerk in Zusammenarbeit mit dem Netzwerk Energiewirtschaft -Smart Energy, hat sich im März 2016 die Forschungsgruppe SmartEnergy.NRW gegründet. Die Forschungsgruppe "SmartEnergy.NRW" soll künftig als zentrale Forschungsplattform Unternehmen und Forschungsinstitutionen aus Energiewirtschaft, Wirtschaftswissenschaften, Ingenieurswissenschaften, Informatik und Sozialwissenschaften zusammenführen. Gemeinsam analysieren und diskutieren die Partner die ökonomischen und technischen Fragestellungen der Digitalisierung der Energiewirtschaft und von Smart Energy. Die wissenschaftlichen Forschungsfragen sollen durch praxisnahe und anwendungsorientierte Unternehmens- und Forschungskooperationen bearbeitet werden.

Project status definitely finished
Project time 02.03.2016- 28.02.2017
Funding source Ministry of Economic Affairs, Industry, Climate Protection and Energy of the State of North Rhine-Westphalia
Keywords Smart Energy; Digitalisierung; Energiewirtschaft; Forschungsplattform

Münster Energy Conference 2016

Project status definitely finished
Project time 18.04.2016- 19.04.2016
Funding source Kyushu University
Keywords Energieökonomik; Energierelevantes Verhalten

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