Oliver Kaltenegger

Congratulations to CERES researcher Matthias Rodemeier – recipient of the „Young Researcher Award for Consumer Research 2017‟

Young Researcher Award for Consumer Research 2017 - On the picture, from left to right: Wolfgang Schuldzinski, Stefan Hanschke, Matthias Rodemeier, Gerhard Wiebe, Beate Wieland, Christian Kleinschmidt

During the 11th Workshop on Consumer Research in Düsseldorf (November 27, 2017) Matthias Rodemeier was granted the Young Researcher Award for Consumer Research 2017 for his excellent master thesis. The award was presented by Dr Beate Wieland, Ministerial Director at the Ministry for Culture and Science of North Rhine-Westphalia, and Wolfgang Schuldzinski, Chairman of the Consumer Protection Organisation in North Rhine-Westphalia. The laudatio was given by Prof Dr Christian Kleinschmidt, member of the jury and professor for history at the University of Marburg. The prize is worth EUR 2,500 to the winner and awarded upon recommendation by the Scientific Committee of the Competence Center for Consumer Research of North Rhine-Westphalia.

In his master thesis “Unraveling the ‚Light Bulb Paradox‘ – Empirical Evidence for the LED Market”, Matthias Rodemeier investigated why many households do not purchase energy efficient products despite high cost-saving potential. He concluded that more specific consumer information on the private benefits of energy efficiency is necessary to facilitate the purchase decision. The Scientific Committee commended the work as it sheds light on the role of government interventions and consumer information.

The Young Researcher Award for Consumer Research 2017 was also granted to Stefan Hanschke for his bachelor thesis at the University of Siegen on the promotion of sustainable food consumption and to Dr Gerhard Wiebe for his PhD thesis on questions of business freedom and consumer protection.

After his master thesis, Matthias Rodemeier joined the Chair of Microeconomics, especially Energy and Resource Economics (CERES), of the University of Münster as a researcher and PhD student to Prof Andreas Löschel.

Under the joint authorship of Matthias Rodemeier, Andreas Löschel and Roland Kube a short version of the master thesis was published in Applied Economics Letters: Link

Open-access version of the paper: Link

Press release published by the Consumer Protection Organisation in North Rhine-Westphalia: Link