Through the university’s and conference locations’ central location the city is only a few minutes’ walk away. Besides many lovely stores there is a diverse range of restaurants and cafes. 

  1. Domplatz (Cathedral Square): medium price segment, Wednesdays there a big and famous market

  2. Aegidiimarkt: low price segment, has a supermarket

  3. Prinzipalmarkt: high price segment

  4. Münster Arkaden: high price sement, has an organic supermarket

  5. Kreuzstraße, student quarter: low price segment

  6. Schlossgarten Café (Residence Garden Café): high price segment

  7. Mensa am Bispinghof (canteen)

  8. Bistro Oeconomicum

  9. Café Milagro, KSHG Münster: low price segment

  10. Café Couleur, Die Brücke, International Centre of Münster University: low price segment