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Master’s Thesis

Master program in Information Systems

Please note that official deadlines are not obligatory. There are two ways to apply for the master thesis. Students may:

1. contact the desired chair in person. The application has to be done 14 days prior to the topic’s hand-off.
2. register online via the online registration system of the examination office. In doing so the desired lecturer has to be selected beneath the bullet “master thesis”.

In every case students have to fill in and hand out a registration form to the chair. For the application 60 credit points from passed modules are required.

The working time on a master thesis is 16 weeks. You will find the deadline for handing in the finished master thesis to the chair on your registration form. Please be aware that handing in the master thesis late, will entail a “not passed” result. The duration of the appraisal procedure must not exceed eight weeks.

Please consider that there is also detailed information announced by the chair. The topic will be handed out exclusively by the chair.

If needed, the current examiner may be changed. Therefore the concerning chairs need to submit a written form about the release and take over to the examination office.

On reasonable request (e.g. unexpected data acquisition) by a candidate the working time for a master thesis may be extended once up until four weeks. In case of severe reason that complicate or prevent work on a thesis, the working time may be extended appropriately. Further information are provided in the examination rules (§ 11 (5)).

The subject may be rejected by the student once and only up until four weeks after its issue. This has to be done at the chair. The attempt is then considered as not undertaken.

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