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Registration and Deregistration for exams

Master program in Information Systems

According to the examination regulations students need to register for every exam, seminar or project-seminar that is relevant for their studies at the examination office (examination regulations article 10(6)). The deadline for registration and deregistration will be published by the examination office. Students have to register and deregister within this deadline. This can be done online in the Student Data of FlexNow 2.

After the login ýou need to choose "An-/Abmeldung Pruefungen - Re-/Deregistration Examinations". Afterwards you get a list of all examinations of your study. You need to select the examinations you like to register for.
All selected examinations will be collected in the examinations cart. If you have finished you selection use a Transaction Number (TAN) to confirm your registration.

Please be aware that iit is not possible for students to register for any examinations after the deadline! Each student is able to check if his or her registration or deregistration was successful by checking the confirmation e-mail that is sent out by the examination office after each registration/deregistration. In addition, students can check their student accounts.
It is absolutely necessary to check or refer to the official notice, which is published at the examination office after the registration deadline. Only then a faulty registration/deregistration can be changed within the control deadline during office hours.

If you encounter technical problems during the online-registration/deregistration please contact the examination office (as soon as possible): pam_support@wiwi.uni-muenster.de

If an online registration is not possible, students have to register personally at the examination office for their examinations. Personally means a student has to come to the examination office himself or the student can send an authorized third person as a representative of the student to the examination office. The authority can be confirmed by signing the following: certificate of authority.
The date for personal registration is published by the examination office; it usually takes place at the last day of the registration deadline.

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